Knowledgeable Representation For Criminal Defense, Family Law Matters And Personal Injury

Attorney Todd A. Bockman provides the straightforward – and experienced – legal representation to defend your rights if you have been arrested for allegations of a traffic, misdemeanor or felony violation.

Bockman & Associates, LLC is also the law firm to call for protecting your best interests when you are dealing with divorce, child-related matters or you have an injury caused by someone else’s negligence.

An honest, compassionate and experienced lawyer.

A Closer Look At The Firm’s Practice Areas

Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense

Drug offenses, theft, shoplifting, domestic offenses, OWI/DUI, misdemeanors, felonies, expungements, license clean up, ordinance violations, habitual traffic violations

Family Law

Family Law

Divorce, child custody/support, visitation/parenting time, property division, court order enforcement, paternity, protection orders, emancipation

Personal Injury

Personal Injury

Car accidents, motorcycle crashes, commercial truck collisions, slip- or trip-and-fall injuries, dog bites and more

Seasoned Criminal Defense: More Than Two Decades Of Insight

Attorney Todd A. Bockman understands that life happens. When you are contending with allegations of a criminal charge, you need a seasoned defense attorney who knows the law and knows how to protect your rights.

Prior to becoming an attorney, attorney Bockman received a Bachelor of Science degree in criminal justice. He was the deputy director of the Lake County Sheriff’s Work Release. Todd spent his first year of law practice as a deputy prosecutor for Lake County. He draws from his insight of working on the other side of Indiana’s complex criminal justice system to protect your liberty when you are facing harsh penalties including steep fines, jail time or a lifetime record that could make it hard for you to get the job you want or live where you choose.

When you call Bockman & Associates, LLC, Todd will promptly respond to you. He will help you understand the charges you are up against. He will give you an honest assessment of your situation and help you explore your legal options for a favorable outcome. He will remain in close communication with you every step of the way.

Compassionate Family Law Advocacy

When you are trying to deal with divorce, property division, parenting plans, support and other family-related disputes on your own, it can be crazy, chaotic and stressful. Attorney Todd A. Bockman has been helping clients level the playing field during uncertain times of family transition for more than 20 years.

Todd may not have seen it all – yet – but he has vast experience helping his clients achieve their goals to stabilize their family dynamics following a divorce or separation. He knows how difficult it can be to put your children’s best interests at the forefront of shaping your next chapter. That is why he thoroughly explains the process so when it comes time for essential decisions, you are better able to make choices that uphold your core values.

photo of attorney Todd A. Bockman

A Sensible Attorney

Attorney Todd A. Bockman is a practical lawyer who has wisdom gained through years of defending clients in court as well as living life. Before founding Bockman & Associates, LLC, Todd A. Bockman served in the United States Army on active duty for four years stationed at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii. He has traveled to many overseas countries including Australia, Egypt, and Israel.

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Attorney Todd A. Bockman has more than two decades of experience. He offers effective legal representation for resolving tough issues in the court of law.